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Sunday of Orthodoxy Celebrated in Splendor at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago

Sunday of Orthodoxy Celebrated in Splendor at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago

In a vibrant display of faith and tradition, the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago was adorned with a sense of reverence and joy as believers from near and far congregated to celebrate the Sunday of Orthodoxy. His Grace Bishop Longin presided over the Divine Liturgy, concelebrating with the cathedral clergy, leading the congregation in a profound Divine Liturgy that immersed all present in the timeless rituals and prayers of the Orthodox tradition.

One of the highlights of the day was the procession with holy icons, a symbolic journey that encapsulated the essence of Orthodoxy’s rich visual and spiritual heritage. Led by children, the procession weaved through the cathedral, carrying icons that serve as windows to the divine and reminders of the presence of saints and martyrs throughout history.

The reading of the Synodicon further enriched the service, serving as a poignant reminder of the struggles and triumphs of the Orthodox Church through the ages. As the faithful listened attentively, the words echoed with timeless significance, reaffirming the unbroken continuity of Orthodox faith and tradition. Amidst the solemnity and reverence, the cathedral was filled with the voices of the faithful, offering prayers and hymns that soared heavenward, uniting believers in a profound expression of devotion and gratitude.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the SSS Branko Radichevich Cathedral Choir for their beautiful singing, enriching the spiritual experience of all who attended the celebration.

“Today, we were not just observers but participants in a living tradition that stretches back through the centuries. It’s a humbling and awe-inspiring experience to be part of something so timeless and profound,” remarked Ivan Ostojic, PhD, a guest from Zurich, reflecting on the day’s events.

As the Sunday of Orthodoxy celebrations drew to a close, the sense of spiritual renewal and communal unity lingered in the air, serving as a testament to the enduring power of faith and the vibrant spirit of the Orthodox community in Chicago and beyond.

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