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HRSOC Summer Day Camp: A Summer of Growth and Fun for Our Children

HRSOC Summer Day Camp: A Summer of Growth and Fun for Our Children

The Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral and Saint Sava Academy proudly present the HRSOC Summer Day Camp, an enriching summer program designed to foster growth, learning, and fun for children aged 5 to 12. This year’s camp has been expanded to five weeks, running from June 10 to July 12, and has seen an enthusiastic response with 50 children registered per week for the first three weeks.

Staff and Leadership

The camp is led by Uros Kalicanin, a highly qualified and charismatic Summer Camp Director, holding a Master’s in Sports Management. His exceptional communication and organizational skills ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants. The dedicated staff comprises teachers, clergy, and youth volunteers, including:

  • Cathedral Clergy
  • Protodeacon Jovan Anicic, PhD – Religion Teacher
  • Deacon Dragan Arsic, MTh – Religion Teacher
  • Marina Stojmenovic – Full-time Teacher (5 weeks)
  • Jelena Stojadinovic – Part-time Teacher (3 weeks)
  • Dario Rancic – Religion Teacher (2 weeks)
  • Aleksija Nedanovic – Counselor Volunteer (2 weeks)
  • Natalija Nedanovic – Counselor Volunteer (5 weeks)
  • Miroslav Nedanovic – Counselor Volunteer (3 weeks)
  • Danijela Bojovic – Counselor Volunteer (4 days)
  • Luka Bojovic – Counselor Volunteer (1 day)
  • Kristina – Counselor Volunteer (1 week)
  • Anastasija – Counselor Volunteer (1 week)
  • Norridge United Soccer Club – 4 Trainers Volunteers (1 hour/day for 5 weeks)

A Comprehensive and Enriching Program

Historically, our summer camps lasted one week. However, recognizing the need for extended and more immersive programs, we have expanded the camp duration. Many parents in our community enroll their children in various summer camps. By leveraging our professional staff and resources, we aim to provide a comparable, if not superior, camp experience right here at our church. Our camp is unique in offering children the opportunity to learn about their faith, language, and culture in a supportive environment.

The primary goal is to offer a full-summer camp where parents can enroll their children for any duration—from a day to multiple weeks. We are committed to further professionalizing the camp by introducing specialized sports sections such as soccer, basketball, and martial arts, as well as art and music classes taught by leading community coaches and teachers. These activities are scheduled to accommodate children who may not be enrolled full-time in the camp, ensuring flexibility and inclusivity.

We understand the competitive nature of summer camps and strive to maintain high standards in organization, communication, teaching, and activities. Our camp provides not just an alternative, but a superior option for summer enrichment.

Activities and Highlights

The camp has already included exciting trips and activities, fostering a deeper connection to faith and culture. Highlights include:

  • Visit to St. Sava and New Gracanica Monastery: Campers enjoyed an educational and spiritual trip.
  • Participation in Cathedral Services: Children attended services, including the celebration of Vidovdan, where they took part in the blessing of the kolach (slava bread). Notably, six-year-old Lazar Jovcic, a camp participant and St. Sava Academy student, was honored to present the bread and wheat.


The HRSOC Summer Day Camp is held on the grounds and in the facility of St. Sava Academy, which is currently rented from St. Paul Lutheran Church. This provides a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment for our campers to enjoy their summer activities.

The HRSOC Summer Day Camp is more than just a camp—it’s a community where children grow in their faith, develop new skills, and make lasting friendships. We look forward to a fantastic summer filled with learning, laughter, and memorable experiences.

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