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Circle of Serbian Sisters Elects New Executive Board

Circle of Serbian Sisters Elects New Executive Board

The Circle of Serbian Sisters, established in 1915 to uphold Orthodox Faith and preserve cultural traditions, announces the results of its recent Executive Board elections. Outgoing president Lily Kunz is thanked for her service as the new board prepares to lead the organization forward.

The Circle of Serbian Sisters, well known for its dedication to community service and cultural preservation, has elected a new Executive Board to guide its initiatives. Brankica Arsenic assumes the role of president, succeeding Lily Kunz, who served with distinction in the previous term. 

The newly elected Executive Board members are as follows:

  • President: Brankica Arsenic
  • 1st Vice President: Tanja Popovic
  • 2nd Vice President: Slavica Kovacevic
  • Treasurer: Sandy Luburich
  • Financial Secretary: Joanne Voynovich
  • English Secretary: Natalija Djordjevic
  • Serbian Secretary: Mira Djordjevic

The Audit Board will be led by Gordana Djokic, supported by Lily Kunz and Pera Stanisavljevic-Klaja.

The Circle of Serbian Sisters extends gratitude to all members who participated in the election process and congratulates the new Executive Board on their appointments. Their commitment to the organization’s mission ensures a continued legacy of service and cultural preservation.

Furthermore, the Circle of Serbian Sisters emphasizes its openness to new members. Membership applications are readily available in the church office, welcoming individuals who share a passion for community service and cultural preservation to join their ranks.

For further updates from the Circle of Serbian Sisters, visit for ongoing coverage of community events and initiatives.

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