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Lenten Vespers at Holy Resurrection Serbian Cathedral Draws Community in Northern Chicago Deanery

Lenten Vespers at Holy Resurrection Serbian Cathedral Draws Community in Northern Chicago Deanery

Chicago, Illinois – April 1, 2024

In a serene and spiritually uplifting atmosphere, Holy Resurrection Serbian Cathedral hosted Lenten Vespers attended by clergy and community members. The service brought together members of the New Gracanica Midwestern Diocese in a moment of reflection and communal prayer.

Under the guidance of V. Rev. Aleksandar Bugarin, Dean of the Chicago Deanery, and joined by esteemed clergy including V. Rev. Luka Lukic, V. Rev. Sava Bosanac, Rev. Aleksandar Petrovic, Rev. Milos Zivkovic, V. Rev. Protodeacon Jovan Anicic, and Deacon Dragan Arsic, alongside our Cathedral Clergy, V. Rev. Darko Spasojevic, V. Rev. Stavrophor Dobrivoje Milunovic, and Rev. Nikolaj Kostur, the Vespers service echoed with devotion and reverence. Rev. Aleksandar Petrovic delivered a sermon centered on St. Gregory Palamas, highlighting themes of prayer, stillness, grace, and the ascetic monastic life, resonating deeply with attendees’ spiritual journeys.

The service was further enriched by the melodious offerings of the Cathedral Choir, SSS Branko Radichevich, whose hymns filled the sacred space, enhancing the spiritual experience for everyone in attendance.

The Circle of Serbian Sisters, led by President Brankica Arsenic, demonstrated their dedication to fellowship and service by preparing a delicious Lenten meal, nurturing a sense of community and solidarity among all present.

Attendees expressed gratitude for the opportunity to gather during Lent, enriching their spiritual paths and strengthening bonds within the community.

These gatherings serve not only as pivotal moments of liturgical significance but also as steadfast pillars of unity and support within the New Gracanica Midwestern Diocese, enriching the lives of all who participate.

As the Lenten season unfolds, events like these serve as poignant reminders of the importance of introspection, prayer, and communal solidarity in the journey of faith.

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