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THANK YOU FROM KOLO: Donors contributed $25,000.00 for Kosovo-Metohija Kids

THANK YOU FROM KOLO: Donors contributed $25,000.00 for Kosovo-Metohija Kids

On December 2, the Circle of Serbian Sisters held a fundraiser for the neediest children and families in Kosovo-Metohija. We are pleased to announce that, through the generosity of our parishioners, friends and the Cathedral Kolo, a check in the amount of $25,000.00 was forwarded to the Decani Monastery Relief Fund.

We have included a list of all donors, together with a response from Fr. Nektarios, President of the DMRF and Fr. Sava (Janjic), Abbott of the Decani Monastery. Please note that several cash contributions were received in envelopes without names of the donors, so we apologize that we were unable to include them on the list.

The Kolo wishes to thank each and every person and family that so generously sacrificed to help our suffering brothers and sisters in KiM. May God bless you all!


We are deeply grateful to the Lord and the Circle of Serbian Sisters of the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago who gathered such an important donation for our suffering people in Kosovo-Metohija. Of course, we are aware that very few people would know about the plight of our people without the hard work and consistent testimony of our Fr. Nektarios and all of you from the DMRF. Therefore we see this donation as a great success of you all which only proves the importance of the DMRF in these difficult times.

Expressing our most sincere gratitude to all who contribute to the DMRF work we extend our prayers to the Lord to bless you all through the prayers of our patron saint St. Stefan of Decani.

We will do our best that all the money collected finds its way to those who need support in these cold winter days. Yesterday a cow and two calves were stolen to one Serbian family and we’ll take it as a priority case to help them buy the new animals to sustain their family. Regrettably Kosovo police does practically nothing to prevent recurrent thefts and other kinds of attacks on our people in Kosovo-Albanian majority areas. At the same time we’ll identify also the other priority cases and find the best way how to support them through the DMRF. May God reward you all for your brotherly efforts to help those in need.

Bishop Teodosije is sending his blessing while all of you remain in our constant prayers.

In Christ,
Fr. Sava
Abbot of the Decani Monastery


The Circle of Serbian Sisters
Miljan Bojic
Sasa Radovanovic, Milijana Djokic
Jeka Strinic
Marina, Angelina, Rada Radin
Miroslav and Tatjana Topalski
Bosiljka Grubnic
Milos Grubnic
Zivana Narandzic
Zoran and Brankica Arsenic
Ljubica Dobrilovic
Robert Vujanovich
Jovan and Helen Govedarica
Slavko Mihailovic Family
Branka, Bojan and Momir Spremo
Ilija and Dusanka Radinovic
Vera Dragisich and Zoran Milosevich
Anka Dragisich
Anka Govedarica
Zivko Beric
Sandra Luburich
Ranko Marjanovic
Djuro and Zora Radulovic
Nebojsa and Dusica Mihajlovic
Kosa Zec Ivancevic
Vera Balaz
Igor and Svetlana Glisic
Nedeljko and Vida Kovacevic
Brane and Vida Arsenic
Lazar and Milka Raskovich
Ruzica Milivojevic
Nick, Nevena and Mira Savich
Petar and Milena Plemic
Kris and Dawn Martinovich
Vladimir and Zelimirka Mandic
Brankica Lazic
Milimir and Tanja Popovich & Family
Goran Davidovac
Very Rev. Darko Spasojevic
Sasa Pavlovic
Momcilo and Malina Spasojevic
Very Rev. Dobrivoje Milunovic & Family
Nadezda Rakic
Milan Saric
Familija Popratnjak
Ingeborg Boskovic
Ljiljana Djordjevic
Milan and Mara Radinovic
Jovanka Milinkovic
Milan Urosevic
Radojka Nenadic
Nikola and Cvijeta Gusic
Goran, Nikola, Lily Juric
Nikola and Slobodanka Mandrapa
Nikola Matic
Olga Ljubenko
Rosalind Luburich
Dan and Gordana Mirjanich
Milton and Diane Chuck
Nikica and Jasminka Kolundzija
Danica Krnich
Darlene L. Lada
Nedeljka Puzovic
Savo and Ranka Rebic
Tanja Boskov
Milorad and Ivana Savic
Miroslav Grahovac
Mileva Vujanovic
Zora Rupich
Perrie Stanisavljevic Klaja
Nikola and Nada Matijevich
Jovo and Slobodanka Martich
Branka Popovic
Dragica Milosevic
Milena Zivanov
Drago and Jovanka Todorovic
Mladen and Gordana Vukovic
Marko Bojovic
Verica Jesic
Mirko Kokanovic
Sasa and Tamara Vesna
Stefan Zlatanovic
Srbobran and Andja Cekic
Nevenka Puric
Momo Bojovic
Mirka Ivanisevic
Nevenka Grubnic
Dragan Popovich
Gordana Savcic
Bojan and Bojana Jocic
Zorica Dabich
Milka Brashear
I. Boskov
Helen Stanisavljevich
Suncica Cekic
Ljubomir Radulovic
Mileva Djuric
Rebic Family
Mira Vuckovic
Radmila Zivak
Dragan, Sanja and Emilia Toskovic
Djuro Ivancevic
Maria Krautz
Zora Ascaric
Denise Trylovich
Stefan Davidovac (Age 5)
Maksim Davidovac (Age 8)
Bata, Peda, Bata, Borisa
Milena Grabow
Dragana Pajic
Porodica Pantelic
Jadranka and Andjelko Zivak
Dusanka Sudar
Borislavka Dragas
Vesna Zecevic
Lost Name
Jagoda Gracanin
Vladan Milovanovic
Ljubomir Nesovic
Roxanne Zivanovic Getz
Dragan and Mira Kovacevic
Stephen and Jelena Raskovich Kling
Miroslav and Kaja Dobric
Ludmila Zavadereva
Dejan and Sladana Matovic
Petko and Mira Djukic
Bato Prostran
Zivojin Pavlovic
Lily Yovovich Harberger
Radislav Rakovic
Ruzica Ristanovic
Boris Popovich
Bogdan and Snezana Tesnjak
Natasa and Perica Manojlovic
Miladin Mijatovic
Jasna and Ivan Lappin
Ilija and Dusanka Marjanovic
Dragan Rajkovic
Miroslav Grahovac
Milos Crevar
Milana Marjanovic
Porodica Savic
Vidosava Spasojevic
Laura Luburich
Magdalena Kuljanin
Milica Wilson
Vaso Pupich
Zivana and Miodrag Kljajic
Marko and Milica Colic
Zelimir Djurcic
Ilija and Aleksandra Sisarica
Val Rajic and Dragana Milovic
Sava and Stojanka Zjalic
Mary Markovic
Alex and Milica Dimitrijevic
Mirjana and Boban Maksimovic-Loznica
Bojana and Mladen Sekulic-Loznica
Milka Cucuz Sollano
Dragana Tarbuk
Sophia Milonas
Matthew and Natalia Basinger
R. Savkovic
Darlene Manojlovski
Jadranka and Mira Dragisic
Paul and Mary Yovovich
Milutin and Mira Djordjevic
Stefan and Jovan Borjan
Mr. and Mrs. Milan Jak
Milan Beric
M. Djokic
Robert and Jamile Yerkan
Aleks Lazic and Family
Miroslav Stojanovic
Milos Milenkovich
Peter Roknich
Larry and Ivanka Emerson
George and Jane Gavran
Zorana Yokus
Milanka Urosevich
Gradimir and Marija Vuckovic
Uros and Dragana Galic
Vlado and Vera Bjelopetrovich
Dawn Trbovich Bassi
Milan and Veselka Savic
Ivana Popratnjak
Dusan and Branislava Colic
Tomislav and Zaklina Lakic
Milan Nedovich
Zoran and Zivana Krneta
Vuksan Marsenic
Milos Radosavljevic
Vojislav and Slobodanka Domanovic
Marko and Christina Trbovic
Fr. Nikolaj Kostur and family
Miroslav and Stojadin Cvetkovic
Goljic Family
Svetlana and Zarko Kljajic
Pero and Dara Kosich
Mirjana Martich
Misha and Miljana Petrovic
Dusan and Marija Radovanovic
Cancar Family
John Erakovich
Milos Kunic
Predrag and Daniela Rebic
Angelina Borojevich

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