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St. Sava Academy’s Slava Celebration: Community Unity and Promising Prospects (Photo Gallery)

St. Sava Academy’s Slava Celebration: Community Unity and Promising Prospects (Photo Gallery)

Photo Gallery

Last Sunday marked a significant event at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral as the St. Sava Academy observed its Slava, honoring its patron saint, St. Sava. The cathedral’s hall brimmed with the joyous assembly of students, faculty, and families, underscoring the academy’s central role in the community.

Distinguished guests, including Damjan Jovic, Consul General of the Republic of Serbia, and Tatjana Telic, Consul General of Bosnia and Herzegovina, added prestige to the occasion, highlighting the cultural and diplomatic importance of the event.

The festivities began with a delightful lunch, showcasing the St. Sava Academy Parent Network’s hospitality and dedication. The beautifully arranged Slava celebration highlighted the parent community’s commitment to creating a nurturing environment.

The event continued with a warm welcome from V. Rev. Dr. Darko Spasojevic, the Dean of the Cathedral and Rector of the Academy. Deacon Dr. Jovan Anicic served as the Master of Ceremonies, guiding the audience through the celebration. Deacon Dragan Arsic, the Academy’s Principal, delivered a motivating speech, emphasizing the significance of St. Sava and the Academy.

The St. Sava Academy’s Slava celebration was further enriched by an outstanding program that showcased the remarkable talents within the academy. The event featured a captivating array of poems, speeches, and plays, presenting a cultural tapestry that reflected the depth of creativity among both students and teachers. The stage came alive with the eloquence of heartfelt poems, inspiring speeches, and engaging plays, all of which underscored the commitment to artistic and academic excellence within the St. Sava community. The remarkable performances demonstrated not only the artistic prowess of the students but also the dedication and creativity of the teaching staff, contributing to the overall success of the celebration. The program truly highlighted the vibrant spirit and collaborative efforts that define the St. Sava Academy.

Amidst the joy, additional excitement arose from the academy’s ongoing process of potentially acquiring its current rental space, St. Paul Lutheran Church, as a permanent building. This news, coupled with the presence of esteemed Consuls and inspiring speeches, has left the community eager for the promising future ahead.

As the St. Sava Academy continues to contribute to the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral’s rich tapestry, the support from guests, parents, and leaders ensures a journey marked by academic excellence and spiritual growth. The Slava celebration reaffirmed the academy’s commitment to shaping the minds and hearts of future generations within a thriving community.

Photo Gallery

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