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Spiritual Awakening: A Profound Love for Kosovo

Spiritual Awakening: A Profound Love for Kosovo

HRSOC welcomed Dusan and Milos Radivojevic and Aleksandar Jeremic from Switzerland on Saturday, November 10, who gave a presentation about the beautiful monasteries of Kosovo & Metohija. Their presentation included breathtaking never seen before drone camera videos of the monasteries and the surroundings areas. Our very own parishioner and the evening’s chairwoman, Snezana Denker, who participated in a pilgrimage to Kosovo & Metohija last summer, also gave a presentation on her memorable and spiritual visit. The Radivojevic family, who is originally from Kosovo, renovated their family home and now visit Kosovo & Metohija every summer. These young men came to our parish to share their love and encourage people to always support our brothers and sisters of Kosovo & Metohija. These young men encourage us to organize a pilgrimage to visit these holy places during summertime.

The proceeds from the evening benefited towards the completion of the Konak at the St. Dimitrije Monastery in Susica (K&M). Fellowship was enjoyed afterwards. If you would still like to make a donation, please contact our Cathedral Office. A pilgrimage for 2019 is being planned. You may contact the Cathedral Office to fill out an interest questionnaire.

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