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GIFT OF JOY for children in Kosovo & Metohija

GIFT OF JOY for children in Kosovo & Metohija

We are humbly grateful to all donors who helped bring JOY to the children in Kosovo & Metohija!

Please enjoy this video showing the beautiful children receiving their gifts. This year, we set out to provide gifts to school children in the remote villages of Bostane, Paralovo, Prekovce, Donji Markes and Jasenovik of Kosovo & Metohija.

In collaboration with the humanitarian organization Our Serbs, 200 gift bags were distributed! Our Serbs President Kathy Fanslow, along with their representatives Mira & Zoran Gusic, did a marvelous job organizing these gifts to reach our children!

The wintery weather conditions, cold temperatures, rough terrain and strict COVID-19 restrictions at the border made it difficult to get there any sooner, but with the generous help of Svetosavko Zvonce of the Patriarchate in Belgrade, and the parish priest in Novo Brdo, Fr. Stevo Mitic, the gifts were distributed right in time for St. Sava Day!

Our Serbs representatives, Mira & Zoran Gusic, who personally made the trip, shared that they left crying, seeing how happy the children were when they received the gifts. One little girl joyfully expressed the feelings of all: “Thank you for not forgetting us!”  The temperatures were extremely low, electricity went out several times per day, and it was not easy to get around, but this trip was very emotional for them.

May God bless all of you for your love and compassion. Once again, our Cathedral Youth Group is grateful to everyone who helped bring JOY to the children of Kosovo & Metohija.

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