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Detinjici Celebration Brings Joy and Tradition to Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

Detinjici Celebration Brings Joy and Tradition to Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

Yesterday marked a day of joy and tradition at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral as the community came together to celebrate Detinjici, a unique Serbian Christmas tradition that holds special significance in the weeks leading up to the feast of the Nativity of Christ.

Detinjici – Children’s Day, is observed on the third Sunday of Nativity Fast, followed by Materice (Mother’s Day) and Oci (Father’s Day) on the fourth and fifth Sundays, respectively. This festive season is characterized by unique customs that reinforce the bonds within Serbian families.

On Detinjici morning, parents playfully “tie” their children, symbolizing a temporary binding that is exchanged for symbolic gifts prepared by the children themselves. The same playful act of tying is reciprocated on Materice and Oci, where children tie their parents in exchange for gifts. This tradition not only signifies the strong bond between parents and children but also emphasizes peace, unity, and respect within the family.

Tanja Popovic, the chairwoman of the event, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of Detinjici celebrations. She generously donated gift bags, adding to the excitement of the day. The Circle of Serbian Sisters – Kolo, contributed by preparing a delicious lunch for everyone to enjoy.

The Junior choir Brankici, under the direction of Jelena Stojakovic, performed beautiful songs in honor of St. Nicholas. The melodies echoed through the social hall, creating a joyful atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of the celebration.

Momcilo Spasojevic, the president of the Executive Board, took on the role of “St. Nicholas” for the day, delighting the children by distributing gifts and embodying the spirit of generosity. Meanwhile, Protinica Jelena Milunovic captured the precious moments by taking photographs, as she always does with dedication.

The Detinjici celebration at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral not only brought the community together but also reinforced the importance of family bonds and traditions. As parents and children shared gifts, the spirit of peace, unity, and respect for all members of the family was evident throughout the event. The day served as a reminder of the values that strengthen families and communities, making it a memorable occasion for all who participated.

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